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Technical support engineer
Position:Technical support engineer

Responsible for the company's sales of products by the technical support, product training, maintenance services, and customers to use the problems encountered during processing and solve.

Interested parties please contact: manager wang


Graduated from college degree or above, electronic information technology or related specialized graduation, computer technology for more than two years work experience, experience in electronic product technology if the supporters.

Working conditions:

Basic salary, monthly bonus, lunch subsidies, housing subsidies, subsidies, phone, labor insurance, bonuses, etc.

  • Technical support engineer
  • Resume Attachment Supported formats: txt, doc, docx, maximum support 1M

Shanghai CoStraight Digital technology.,LTD is an enterprise specializing in large-format UV printers, the manufacture located is Shanghai Jiading District FengHua Boulevard Industries park.


Service time: Monday to Sunday (9:00-18:00)

Phone:+86 13901166523 

Company email:



The company phone: +86 13901166523 manager wang

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