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2513KHG-Ultra Flatbed UV Printer

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Konica Minolta 1024a PrintHead                                                                                                                  MSRP:53,995.00 USD


Loaded brand new printhead of Konica Minolta 1024a up to 20pcs with 3 rows the minimum droplet size as 6PL.

The maximum print media thickness up to 250mm, make it compatible with a wider range of materials and applications.

Equipped with a brand-new collision avoidance system,  effectively protects the print head even during high-speed printing.


Carriage moving approachLinear Motor
Print headKonica Minolta 1024a
Basic and Max number of printheads5--20
Maximum printheads number20
Max Row of printheads3
Used inkTechJet RA-1000
Colors range4 Colorsx3=CMYKx3
6 Colorsx3=CMYKLcLmx3
4 Colorsx2 +White=CMYKx2+White
6 Colorsx2+White=CMYKLcLmx2+white
6 Colors+White+Varnish
Print modePrint resolutionOne rows printhead printing speedTwo rows printhead printing speedThree rows printhead printing speed
Draft Mode4Pass-726×72045.52㎡/h80.7㎡/h101.7㎡/h
Standard mode4Pass-726×72019.11㎡/h35.9㎡/h49.7㎡/h
Quality Mode6Pass-726×108012.65㎡/h23.87㎡/h33.9㎡/h
High quality mode8Pass-726×14409.5㎡/h18㎡/h25.4㎡/h
Print MediaMax Print sizeUp to 2500×1300mm(8.2Fx4.3F)
thicknessUp to 250mm
RIP SoftwareONYX、PhotoPrint、Caldera(Optional)
Data interfaceUSB3.0
Ink supply methodVacuum negative pressure, continuous ink supply
Curing MethodDual UV-LED Lampes
Gross weight1300KG
Dimension (W x D x H)4530mm×2200mm×1560mm
Power requirementAC220V±10%,≥32A,50/60HZ
Maximum power7000W
Printable environmentTemperature 20-30 °C, humidity 40%-60%RH (non condensing)
*The above printing speed is the measured printing speed.
*The power consuption basicis on standby and normal print.
*The printing speed basis just 4 colors and 6 colors model not involved the white and varnish.

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