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The most widely UV printing market applications

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A, personalized gifts market:

Gifts and gift market size of 9.8 billion, has become the trend. The gifts on his own photos or like pictures, ICONS, text, get rid of a gift the same face, more can reflect the value of the gift and the giver show originality.

Second, the family decoration and furniture market:

Billions of domestic home decoration market, personalized family decoration is also popular. The household style of users according to their preferences, in adornment, ceramic tile, furniture, floor to print their own photos or images, decorate your home with their favorite style, create a truly belong to own personality space.

Three, personalized products market:

when the users of mobile phones and digital products market is quite a number of young fashion group, to print their own logo on these products is the best embodiment of personality. Carry-on items, such as cosmetic mirror, lighters, wallets, backpacks, etc is also an excellent way to these users reflects ego personality.

Four images, personalized consumer market:

The development of digital image, people are no longer confined to their own photos printed on the paper. Any picture can be printed on UV printer crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas and so on. Effect of different material printed on the product and the sense that gives a person is different, people can take photos printed on different material, enrich the forms of photographs and effects.

Five, movies, games, anime, pop culture peripheral products market:

UV printers can also according to the popular trend, convenient to the current popular film, animation, such as hip-hop, pictures or printed on some items popular element.

Six, advertising and signage market:

Spray UV printer can print all kinds of high quality, high price, small and medium-sized batch advertising and sign, such as various metal card, attendance card, badges, listing, authorization card, such as full color printing, this is the jet printing technology is difficult to achieve.

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