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What are the market advantage UV flatbed printers

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1, UV Flatbed printers to meet individual needs


Maximum limit satisfy people's individual needs, for the vast number of designers, can give full play to their creative ability, design sample can be any changes on the computer, the effect on the computer, is the effect after the finished product, customer satisfaction can be directly after production.


2, UV Flatbed printers, color is not restricted


Don't have to make screen, save a lot of time; Pattern design and change can be done on a computer screen, color can match with the mouse to perform; Did not make the cost of the screen; Reduces the time and save the printed materials; To reduce the expenditure of the labor force.


3, UV Flatbed printers reaction speed, shorten the working cycle


Before a product from the design, proofing to the delivery of the goods need a few days or even a few days, but the application of UV printing technology products can get 1 ~ 2 hours, and the production batch is not restricted, truly realize the small batch, many varieties, high efficient production process. Short technological process, after printing is finished, don't need a steaming, washing and so on post-processing process; Flexibility is strong, the customer after the selected scheme can be printed out in a relatively short time.


4, UV Flatbed printers, green environmental protection, reduce pollution


No water, no water, UV Flatbed printer controlled by computer, on-demand inkjet, neither waste, and no waste water pollution, also does not produce noise in the process of spray printing. Pollution-free green production process is realized.


5, UV Flatbed printers, color is rich, image is clear


Traditional screen printing more than 10 tinted is difficult, UV Flatbed printing color is rich, whether it be a full color *, gradient printing easy, fully able to achieve the result of color image level. Greatly expand the product design space, to promote the products. UV printing design is delicate, rich layers, clear, and high artistic quality, stereo sense is strong, and can be printed pattern of photography and painting style.


6, UV Flatbed printers can print relief, stereo sense is strong, feel comfortable


Use white ink to print out the image of embossed effect, let the vivid color printing design, also let the designers have more play space, and, more importantly, the printing process was not a bit of trouble, and home printer, once formed, namely namely dry, is unmatched by ordinary production technology.


Visible UV Flatbed printers for the future development space is infinite!


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