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Home appliance panel

Another major application area of UV printing is panel printing of household appliances. 


At present, fashionable household appliances have drawn attention from both enterprises and consumers due to their personalization and customization. With the constant pursuit of quality of life, many household appliance enterprises have begun to provide consumers with products that are more fashion in appearance and more suitable for consumers' home decoration style, add more choices to personality of the indoor household while increasing the ornamental and artistic. As a result, the customization service for household appliance panels has quietly risen. 


The TechJET series UV printers are easy to operate, stable and capable of working continuously for 24 hours. They are true industrial-grade printing equipment. The printing features high precision, bright colors, vivid effects and achieves photo-level printing quality. For panels of all kinds of home appliances, the printed pictures are not only reliable in quality, but also vivid in color, high in fastness, anti-ultraviolet, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, fully meeting the requirements of household life. 


Shanghai CoStraight Digital technology.,LTD is an enterprise specializing in large-format UV printers, the manufacture located is Shanghai Jiading District FengHua Boulevard Industries park.


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