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The furniture industry

Wood is commonly known as the main raw material for the furniture industry. With the increasing living standards and quality requirements, people are progressively demanding personalized cabinets, so UV flatbed printers have become essential to the development of this industry in recent years. 


UV flatbed printers, also known as wood printers in this industry, can produce exquisite pictures on various wood materials. Compared with traditional printing, UV printing has the following unique advantages: 


1. It can realize non-plate printing that is convenient, fast, efficient and cost-saving, while the plate-making and printing down processes of traditional printing are time-consuming and laborious, and easy to cause pollution and waste, making it adverse to small-batch and personalized printing production. 


2. It can realize non-contact printing with a certain tolerance to the surface roughness of the substrate that guarantees color and definition within a distance of 5 mm, and support various printed materials beyond comparison of any traditional printing method. 


3. It has a wide color gamut and bright colors, while it is difficult for traditional printing to achieve the reproduction of color tone, especially the true reproduction of gradual color and complex color, due to the limitation of plate making. 


4. It adopts digital printing, and controls the printer output by computer in a convenient and one-step manner, while traditional printing relies on manual operation of skilled workers, making it difficult to guarantee the stability of quality. 


TechJET series UV flatbed printers are also widely used in this industry, which can achieve image-level printing quality for ordinary wood, DIY wood and floor wood grain. Nowadays, many woodworking factories print with UV printer first, then apply a layer of polish oil for surface brightening and hardness treatment, to provide better firmness for processed products. The TechJET UV flatbed printer can realize instant printing for small batch printing, and it i


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