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Glass industry

How to display various artistic images in glass, one of the most commonly seen and used materials in the daily lives, so as to achieve the best decorative effect, has been constantly explored in the industry. Today's UV flatbed printers, also known as glass printers in the glass industry, are well suited to the needs of the glass industry. 


With unique advantages, the TechJET series of UV flatbed printers have become the first choice for the production of art glass and stained glass. The TechJET UV flatbed printers are easy to operate and can print directly on glass at one time without plate making, printing down and repeated color registration. The printing features high precision, bright colors, vivid effects, and waterproof, sunscreen, wear-resistant and colorfast images. The printing ink used is safe and environmentally friendly to meet the environmental protection needs of modern household and decoration, and is widely used in plexiglass, plasticized glass, sheet glass, tempered glass and other media. It is suitable for personalized decoration of furniture sliding doors, glass decoration flowers, partition screens, background curtain walls, glass light boxes, glass table tops, etc. in modern home decoration, office venues, night clubs, bathing centers, etc. 


Shanghai CoStraight Digital technology.,LTD is an enterprise specializing in large-format UV printers, the manufacture located is Shanghai Jiading District FengHua Boulevard Industries park.


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