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How to make the UV flatbed printers in the best working state?

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Flatbed printers are rapidly occupation of the printing industry market. Flatbed printers of CPU, memory, hard disk light electronic components sensitive to static electricity, also should avoid contact with the moist air at the same time, the machine inside the print head, also need to be very good protection and maintenance. In addition to these, how should we better operating Flatbed printers?


A, let the Flatbed printers in top working condition.


UV Flatbed printers is expensive, let it create the highest benefits, print out the best design, will be diligent about maintenance, it is in the best working condition. Flatbed printers, the operation is simple, but the user still should cultivate good habits of operation.


Switch machine operation method is very simple, there are many control keys on the switch machine panel, and a power control button, and the power switch is not direct and external power are interlinked, but has its own unique control related control external power. Initialized switch machine, the system will work. Initialization work includes:


1, the print head, and print paper positioning and reset.


2, test the printer panel lid is closed.


3, the cartridge of the ink box of nozzle and the cleaning the print head.


These system initialization can effectively reduce the rate of failure occurs, and eliminate potential problems.


The use of two, provide a good environment


Nozzle of UV Flatbed printers, there are a lot of small nozzle, the aperture and dust, so the printer using the environment must be clean and neat, on the other hand, it is easy to enter the printing ink of dust, the changing structure of ink, thus affecting printing color of the products.


If indoor humidity is too high, not only expensive printer basic mechanical parts easy to rust, even the shower nozzle is difficult to guarantee will not be rusted. Flatbed printers variations in the temperature of working environment shoulds not be too big, this is because the tablet printer nozzle nozzle aperture is very slender, if the environment temperature change quickly, thermal expansion of the parts can cause excessive wear on the mechanical parts, nozzle aperture size changes can also affect the print quality.


Flatbed printers of daily maintenance and maintenance work is indispensable, good operating environment, the correct method of use, as well as the usual cleaning maintenance, all of these can reduce the failure rate of the printer, virtually improve the effective working hours of printer, for enterprises to create more value, more profits.


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