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▷ Technical Specifications
Model TJ-2513H/EX
Print head RICOH Gen6 Industrial Printhead
Basic number of printhead  3
Maximum printhead number 9
Supported ink TechJet RA-1000 / TechJet RS-1000
Colors range (CMYK),(CMYKLcLm), (CMYK+Wh),(CMYKLcLm+Wh),(CMYK+Wh+Va),(CMYKLcLm+Wh+Va)
Row of print heads 3
Print resolution 720x300dpi, 720x600dpi, 720x900dpi, 720x1200dpi
Printing speed Single-row head printing speed Double-rows head printing speed Three-rows head printing speed
Quality of printing Speed 30㎡/h 57㎡/h 87㎡/h
Standard 12.5㎡/h 23.75㎡/h 36.25㎡/h
Quality 8.3㎡/h 15.77㎡/h 24.07㎡/h
Ultra 6.25㎡/h 11.87㎡/h 18.12㎡/h
Print Media Max.size 2500×1300mm
Max.thickness 100mm
Max.weight 50KG/㎡
RIP Software ONYX、PhotoPrint、Caldera(Optional)
Data interface USB3.0
Ink supply method Vacuum negative pressure, continuous ink supply
Curing device Dual UV-LED lamps
Printer weight 1700KG
Dimension(W x D x H) 4530mm×2130mm×1480mm
Power requirement AC220V±10%,≥32A,50/60HZ
Max/Min. power 7000W / 5000W
Printable environment Temperature 20-30 °C, humidity 40%-60%RH(non condensing)
The above printing speed is the measured printing speed.

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