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1800VersaUV Printer

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RICOH G6 PrintHead                                                                                                                                      MSRP:29,995.00 USD


The nozzle flashing function avoids print head clogging caused by prolonged standby, and the jetting frequency is controllable by software.

Controllable design of the vacuum area, according to the size of the media to controlling the vacuum area to ensure stable vacuum output.

Fully automatic medium thickness detection function and automatic printing height control system. 

Intelligent lacking ink voice alarm, ensuring printing process safer and more reliable.


Carriage moving approachBelt
Print headRicoh G6
Basic and Max number of printheads2--6
Maximum printheads number6
Max Row of printheads2
Used inkTechJet RA-1000
Colors range4 Colorsx2=CMYKx2
6 Colorsx2=CMYKLcLmx2
4 Colors +White=CMYK+White
6 Colors+White=CMYKLcLm+white
Print modePrint resolutionOne row printhead printing speedTwo rows printhead printing speedColor white color printing speed (Two-rows printheads)
Draft Mode4Pass-720×60037.2㎡/h70.68㎡/h23.56㎡/h
Standard mode4Pass-720×60020.5m2/h36.9m2/h14.43m2/h
Quality Mode6Pass-720×90014.35m2/h26.6m2/h9.92m2/h
High quality mode8Pass-720×120010.86m2/h20.47m2/h7.7m2/h
Print MediaMax.widthUp to 1820mm(5.97F)
Range300-1810mm (0.98-5.94F)
ThicknessUp to 2.5mm
Max. diam of reel paperФ250mm
Paper core2 inches/3 inches
Print margins5mm on both sides
Max. weight80KG
RIP SoftwareONYX、PhotoPrint、Caldera(Optional)
Data interfaceUSB2.0
Ink supply methodVacuum negative pressure, continuous ink supply
Curing MethodDual UV-LED Lampes
Gross weight700KG
Dimension (W x D x H)3010×900×1550mm
Power requirementAC220V±10%,50/60HZ
Maximum power3000W
Printable environmentTemperature 20-30 °C, humidity 40%-60%RH (non condensing)
*The above printing speed is the measured printing speed.
*The power consuption basicis on standby and normal print.
*The printing speed basis just 4 colors and 6 colors model not involved the white and varnish.

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